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Why You Should Consider TeleMedicine

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It’s more popular and convenient than ever for physicians to use technology to assist with patient care as a way to expedite appointments and continue serving their patients. These virtual appointments allow patients to get an initial review and have their needs assessed before coming in for a face-to-face appointment.

If you haven’t considered telemedicine, it may be the perfect way to make sure you get your health care needs addressed even while practicing social distancing.

Meet With Your Doctor Through Video First

Telemedicine has actually been available for longer than you might have thought- beginning with the telephone. Now, Telemedicine allows you to discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more with a healthcare provider over video. This way, you can receive a diagnosis and discuss your treatment options.

Obviously telemedicine isn't very useful for situations that aren’t life-threatening or where you need advisement more than hands-on care. If you encounter an emergency of any sort, such as sudden weakness in your legs, incontinence, or sharp radiating pain, that may necessitate an actual in-person visit or even an emergency visit right away.

If you’ve been dealing with pain in your neck, shoulders, back, or legs, you can schedule a virtual consultation with NewSouth NeuroSpine to discuss your symptoms. It may be that you’re advised to come in, or your physician may be able to offer a treatment plan right in that first meeting.

How to Schedule a Telemedicine Appointment

NewSouth NeuroSpine has introduced telemedicine as a protective measure for our most vulnerable patients while we navigate COVID-19. However, it may continue to be a viable option for you the next time you schedule your appointment. Telemedicine doesn’t mean that you’ll never visit a doctor’s office again, but it does make care more accessible.

You can schedule your next virtual appointment online here (be sure to select Telemedicine as your requested appointment).

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