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When Life Shouldn’t Be A Pain In The Neck

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Are you feeling pain or weakness under your shoulder blade that radiates out to your arm, forearm, and hand? Sometimes the pain is intermittent, other times it may come on suddenly. Some patients report feeling a tingling sensation, and others also have difficulty doing day-to-day tasks like opening jars, writing, getting dressed, or lifting heavy objects. With unexplained pain, it can sometimes be difficult to realize that the source of it may be found in your neck and could be a condition called cervical radiculopathy. Luckily, the team at NewSouth Neurospine can work with you to find a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

What Is It?

Cervical radiculopathy occurs when the cervical nerve root gets compressed by disc material, bony overgrowth, or soft tissue enlargement. Any of these degenerative conditions can compress the nerve roots at the spinal canal that then may cause pain, weakness or numbness in the distribution of the nerve. The condition is a fairly simple one to diagnose. Depending on which nerve is compressed, the severity or location of the pain can vary, and your doctor can help determine the level of compression and treat accordingly. The diagnosis is based on a patient history, physical exam, and MRI.


Once the cervical radiculopathy is diagnosed, a non-surgical course of treatment is typically pursued first. This includes rest, anti inflammatory medications, therapy, and managing the pain. Most patients react well to that simple course of treatment, and can get back to their normal routines in 4-6 weeks. For other patients who continue to have pain or weakness that affects their daily life, there are other surgical treatments available with predictable results.

How Can NewSouth NeuroSpine Help?

At NewSouth NeuroSpine, you can expect not only a diagnosis and a course of treatment, but you can also rest assured that you have highly qualified surgeons who specialize in cervical radiculopathy. In addition, we approach the condition in its entirety, offering anything from physical therapy, surgery, spinal intervention, and rehab. When you’re under our care, you can expect that we treat you like family. If you think you might be suffering from cervical radiculopathy, contact one of our doctors at NewSouth NeuroSpine to start feeling better as soon as possible.

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