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Sneezes Equal Herniated Lumbar Discs!

Sneezes Herniated Discs
Spinal Intervention

Yes, even a sneeze can herniate a disc! A lumbar disc herniation can be caused by a number of things such as twisting, heavy lifting or simply getting older. A lot of people aren’t even sure when their back injury occurred and notice pain in their lower back, buttock or pain radiating down one or both legs. In rare cases bladder or bowel control problems can occur. The good news is that there are treatments available, and pain can lessen over time

What Is Going On?

Our spinal discs are fluid filled shock absorbers that are spongy and pliable. Wear and tear or injury can cause discs to bulge and leak some of their inner material triggering back pain when pressure is placed on the surrounding nerves. Pain caused by a lumbar disc herniation can be moderate to severe even preventing us from performing normal daily tasks.

How Can NS2 Help?

At NewSouth NeuroSpine, treatment usually starts with pain medications, muscle relaxants and steroids. Along with limiting activities, this helps control pain and reduce swelling. An MRI may be ordered to confirm the herniated lumbar disc. Physical therapy and epidural steroid injections are the next step in treatment if medications and limited activity are unsuccessful. As a last resort, surgery may be suggested to remove a small portion of the disc putting pressure on the nerve roots.

If you are experiencing lower back pain, talk to the doctors at NS2 about treatment options…even if it’s caused by a sneeze!

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