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How To Reduce Belly Fat and Help Your Back

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Aching back? It may have something to do with how your excess weight is distributed. If you carry your weight in your belly it may be putting strain on your back. Doctors have been warning of the dangers of belly fat for years. “Apple” shaped patients tend to have a higher risk for Type II Diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancers. Now you can add back strain to the list of reasons to pare down your belly.

A strong core equals a strong back. You may not be able to sculpt a 6-pack, but any decrease in your waist measurements will help you feel better and move more easily. The best way to shrink your midsection is to reduce the number of high sugar carbs in your diet. Not all carbs are created equal - some are quite healthy and necessary for proper bodily function. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can make meals delicious and healthy. But there are some foods to avoid.

What are some common foods that add to belly fat? Think sugar. If you stop and ask a barista for a plain cup of coffee, you get a low calorie, healthy beverage. But if you ask for a Mocha you are piling on as many as 255 extra calories and a whopping 41 grams of sugar. Muffins, cupcakes and other baked treats just add to the total. It is easy to consume your entire day's worth of calories, and three days worth of sugar, in one stop at the coffee shop.

Do you think eating yogurt or whipping up a smoothie is healthy? It can be, but you have to be very careful. Some sweetened yogurt has as many as 26 grams of sugar. Plain yogurt with a little bit of honey or fresh fruit is a better option. Smoothies can be packed with fruit, peanut butter, dairy, and other sources of carbs and sugars. Choose your ingredients carefully, add more vegetables than fruit, and keep the fiber in place by blending rather than juicing.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and get discouraged when facing the battle of the bulge, but starting with a few simple changes can really add up over time.

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