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Chronic Neck Pain...What Can You Do?

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Neck pain is a common complaint. Almost everyone experiences the occasional pain in the neck, but few patients can pinpoint the cause of chronic neck pain. Some of the most common and odd sources of neck stress are:

  • Exercising - Exertion on the neck and shoulders can cause pain that seems to settle in the neck. LIfting weights and repetitive motions that have your hands over your head for long periods of time. An easy example to picture is painting a ceiling or lifting a child high in the air.
  • Work Station - Your work environment can be devastating for your neck. Sitting for long periods, keyboard height, and desk chairs are all culprits in neck pain.
  • Sleep Position - Sleeping on your stomach causes your neck to twist or bend in a funny angle. Also, the right pillow makes a difference. A pillow should be neither too high or too flat, but one that supports your neck.
  • Hairdo - It may sound silly, but is your ponytail too tight? Pulling sensitive scalp tissue too tight can cause pain that makes you subconsciously hold your neck at a bad angle. So indirectly, your ponytail could be fashionably painful.
  • Stress - Stress can cause tension in your head, neck, and shoulders. Muscles become tight and painful, leading to more stress. It can become a vicious cycle of stress-pain-stress-pain.
  • Car Trips - Again, it all comes down to head position and support. Sitting for long periods of time in a vehicle can be a positional nightmare. It’s important to take breaks and be aware of the need to support your head.
  • Bad Habits - Who among us hasn’t rested our chin on our upright fist? It may seem innocent, but if you think about the combination of neck position and pressure placed on the neck, you can see that it could result in pain.

Long term or chronic neck pain should be addressed by a physician. The doctors of NewSouth NeuroSpine are uniquely qualified to address your neck pain, find the source, and work with you to make a plan for living a more pain free life.

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