E. Greg Wood III, MD

Division: Surgery

E. Greg Wood III, MD

Dr. Wood was drawn to the practice of medicine because he was around it constantly as a child. His father was a family physician, so most of the family discussions growing up concerned the treatment of his patients. When the time came to choose a branch of medicine to apply for during medical school, Dr. Wood selected orthopedics due to the varied procedures the typical high success rate and patient satisfaction. During his orthopedic residency, Dr. Wood decided to specialize in spine surgery and entered a spine surgery fellowship in Charlotte, North Carolina. This allowed him to concentrate his efforts on learning one specific aspect of orthopedics.

Dr. Wood attended medical school at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, as well as an orthopedic surgery residency at that same institution. He then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to complete a fellowship in adult spine surgery. In 1991, he moved back to Jackson and has been in private practice ever since. As his medical career progressed, Dr. Wood took interest in the surgical treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniations in adults.

Dr. Wood was born in 1958 in Jackson, Mississippi and has been a Jackson resident his entire life. 

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