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When Pain Near The Funny Bone Isn’t That Funny

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If you’re feeling some pain in your elbow and forearm, potentially accompanied by weakness in the hand and tingling in the forearm and fingers, it might be time to visit NewSouth NeuroSpine for a checkup and potentially treatment. You may be feeling the symptoms of a condition called ulnar neuropathy.

What Causes Ulnar Neuropathy?

Ulnar neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves in your body, specifically a bundle called the brachial plexus. The nerve originates at the lower end of the nerve bundle under the collarbone and continues through the upper arm, elbow, forearm, and hand. The weakness, pain, and tingling that accompanies ulnar neuropathy is generally caused by a compression in the elbow or wrist bone, in combination with repeated trauma. Although it’s often caused by trauma, it isn’t always serious and can sometimes be so minor that it’s not even recognized.

How Is Ulnar Neuropathy Diagnosed?

The condition is generally a minor one and can be diagnosed through a clinical exam and electrodiagnostic tests called PNCV/EMG, available at NewSouth NeuroSpine. Since it’s not typically a permanent or long term condition, our doctors like to begin with a conservative, non-surgical treatment approach. It is usually treated first with elbow padding, avoiding trauma to the elbow and sometimes accompanied with a B complex multivitamin. Once those treatment approaches have been taken, our team will evaluate your condition to see if it has improved. If it hasn’t, the next step can be to release the nerve from the scarring and move it away from the underside of the elbow, often called your “funny bone,” to prevent injury. There is also a surgical course of treatment available if the other methods are unsuccessful.

The NewSouth NeuroSpine team has doctors on hand that can help you from the diagnosis to the solution that will help eliminate your pain and discomfort. Contact NewSouth NeuroSpine today if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of ulnar neuropathy.

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