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What Is That Tingling In My Arm?

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Everyone experiences the occasional pain or tingling in their hand or arm - you might say that your arm is “asleep.” When you shake the offending arm, the tingling goes away and you go about your day and soon forget the incident.

What happens when the pain or tingling doesn’t go away? What could be the cause? When should you see a doctor?

In between each of the bony segments of your spine there is a disc that acts as a cushion. When a specific disc is damaged or degenerated, it can cause pressure on the nerve in that portion of your spine. In your neck, this can cause the pain or tingling to be located in your shoulder, arm, or hand while in your low back, this can cause pain or tingling to radiate down your leg.

You should see a doctor if these symptoms bother you on a daily basis and interfere with your regular activities.

The physicians of NewSouth NeuroSpine hear from patients regularly with these symptoms. There is no one size fits all diagnosis and further testing may need to be ordered to determine the cause of the problem. Once the source of the problem is determined, your doctor will be able to discuss a personalized treatment plan based on your individual case.

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