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What Do I Do About Numbness?

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Have you ever noticed a change in your ability to feel, grasp or a change in how you are walking? Maybe it has become gradually harder to button your shirts or hard to feel the floor when walking. Feelings of numbness in your extremities, arms or legs, can be sudden or gradual. It is important to make note of changes you see and talk with your doctor.

Numbness in the arms or legs could have many different causes from acute injuries, chronic illnesses, medications and much more. You should call your doctor to discuss your feelings of numbness and schedule an appointment to be evaluated. While getting ready for your appointment make a list of when your first noticed the change, if it is constant or if it comes and goes. Note if the sensation is on both sides of your body or just one. Try and be mindful of noticing if certain activities bring about the numbness and if anything makes it better or worse. Having this type of information prior to your appointment will help you be able to answer the doctor's questions more accurately and help to determine what might be the cause.

While it is fine to schedule an appointment with your doctor for gradual symptoms of numbness, there are cases that could be emergent. If you have sudden onset numbness on one side of your body you should seek emergency care. Other concerns for emergency care would be symptoms of dizziness, confusion, problems speaking or a headache that accompanies the numbness.

Once the cause of your numbness has been uncovered, your doctor will discuss treatment options with you. Together you and your doctor can determine the right course of treatment. The doctors at NewSouth NeuroSpine in Jackson, MS, understand neurologic dysfunction, what causes it and how to treat it. Make an appointment with us today if you have any concerns.

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