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The Beginnings of Back Pain

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Could your back pain start somewhere unexpected? Let’s take a look at 5 areas that could be the beginning of back pain…

Tight Hips and Hamstrings - If you spend a lot of time sitting, a thickening of the fibrous tissue around the hip joint occurs. This can put extra strain on your back. If there is an imbalance in any muscles around the hip or hamstring, the lower back is subject to strain or injury. To reverse this imbalance and reduce the risk of injury to your spine, try the seated lunge.

Depression - A study from the University of Sydney found that people with chronic depression had a 60 percent greater incidence of back pain than people without depression symptoms. In a more recent review of studies on the topic, depression was found to have increased the risk for developing back problems. This could be because depression causes people to sleep poorly and not get enough exercise, both of which are linked to back pain. If you are consistently depressed, find a recommended therapist.

Foot Issues - When we have foot pain, like plantar fasciitis, and our way of walking is painful, we instinctively change the way we walk and in the process throw off our gait. Don’t ignore foot pain. Get it treated to relieve pain you feel now and prevent future problems.

Forward Body Weight - All excess weight can put strain on your back, but if you carry most of your weight in your belly, back pain is inevitable. These extra pounds strain your back muscles and ligaments. If you are overweight, your upper spine can’t straighten out properly. Over time, you may develop an unnatural curvature. You may not even notice this until a spine doctor shows you your X-rays. Do whatever you need to do to drop those extra pounds and get to a healthy BMI (body mass index). Your back will thank you!

Smartphone Addiction - They are hard to avoid. Smartphones contain our calendars, bank accounts, pictures, emails and social connections. But they are having a huge effect on our necks and spines. Bending your neck too often for too long can put up to 60 extra pounds of force on your spine. Use your smartphone to remind you to take a 3 minute break every 15-20 minutes.

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