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Suffering from All Over Pain and Stiffness?

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It could be myofascial pain, a chronic pain disorder that occurs after a muscle has been injured or consistently contracted. This can be caused by stress-related muscle tension or on-the-job repetitive motion, such as typing at a computer in the same chair, doing construction work, or bending over an exam table every day. Athletes and musicians are also susceptible.

What Is Myofascia?

Myofascia or fascia is a specialized system comprised of densely-woven, tough tissue that surrounds and interpenetrates all of your muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, veins, and internal organs. Under a microscope, this strong, flexible fascial covering resembles a spider web or sweater. Like the yarn in a sweater, the fascial system connects every part of the body from head to toe.

Trauma, surgical procedures, and inflammatory responses produce myofascial restrictions, which create tension. This extreme pressure on sensitive structures does not show up in most of the standard tests, like x-rays, CAT scans, and electromyography. A significant portion of patients suffering with pain and mobility issues may actually have an undiagnosed fascial condition.

Treating Trigger Points

People with myofascial pain develop muscular trigger points. Aggravation of these trigger points causes pain to transfer and be experienced in areas outside of the affected muscle tissue. This is known as referred pain, which can confuse patients about the source of the problem.

The diagnosis of myofascial pain is based on clinical history and examination. Treatment can include specific types of physical therapy, medications, as well as trigger point injections. If you live in or near Jackson, Mississippi, come consult with our spinal intervention specialists. NewSouth NeuroSpine is here to help.

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