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Spinal Fusion Isn’t The Only Solution

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Have you been diagnosed with a herniated disc in your neck? Sometimes, herniated discs require complete removal of the disc followed by a spinal fusion. But with improvements in artificial disc technology, certain patients may be able to avoid a fusion altogether.

Rather than fusing the bones of the spine together after removing the disc, an artificial disc can be inserted, preserving normal motion of the spine. By preserving the natural movements of the spine, patients can avoid the accelerated degeneration of adjacent joints in the spine sometimes seen after fusion.

The artificial discs are made to fit each patient's spine and consist of two parts, which allow for the new disc to mimic the movement found in a natural healthy spine. There are some conditions that cannot be treated by replacement discs such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and infection. To find out if you are eligible for this procedure, talk to your NS2 physician. Our physicians take a very measured approach to our patients neck pain - surgery may not be the first option, but if it is your best option, our surgeons will answer your questions and explain the procedure.

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