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Non-Surgical Ways To Strengthen Your Spine

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Dr. David Collipp and Peter Schott, Director of Physical Therapy share non-surgical ways to strengthen your spine to address certain spine issues.

Dr. David Collipp from Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, along with our Director of Physical Therapy Peter Schott, address multiple ways to begin addressing a variety of neck and spinal injuries, weaknesses, and issues to avoid further damage to the spine and even restore usage and comfort of your spine.


- Stretching and exercises you can do to help you avoid "tech neck" and other neck weaknesses.

- Non-surgical general strengthening programs for your spine health.

- Tests you can do from home to discover some of the most common back curvatures and pressures on the spine.

- Abdominal strength and muscle control exercises for spinal relief.

- Leg pain, neck pain, and lower back pain associated with sitting at your desk all day (and specific suggestions for addressing it).

- Q&A from the live stream.

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