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Meet Our Surgeons

Meet Our Surgeons

NewSouth NeuroSpine is recognized as Mississippi’s Spine Center by assembling a group of experienced, respected and well-trained physicians. We want to introduce them, and be assured that when you choose NS2 you will be receiving quality care in a first class facility.

Today, we would like you to meet our surgeons. Neurosurgery and orthopaedic spine surgery is a complex specialty that requires patience, knowledge, and skill. Our surgeons have those traits and more, because they are dedicated to treating the whole patient and looking for the best long-term results. We accomplish this by with a team approach. No matter which of our surgeons is your personal doctor, you receive the benefit of the whole team. We don’t have to call all over the country to find someone to consult on a difficult case; we walk down the hall.

Our surgeons are also dedicated to eliminating unnecessary surgeries by looking to other options for each individual case, only using surgery when it's the best option.

Meet Our Surgeons

Dr. Eric Amundson is Johns Hopkins trained with an interest and expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery. He also acts as the head of NS2’s surgical division.

Dr. Greg Wood III began his medical career studying orthopedics, which soon developed into specializing in spinal surgery. His main area of interest is the surgical treatment of both cervical and lumbar disc herniations.

Dr. Philip Azordegan has been in practice for 25 years. His training at Johns Hopkins University and the Baylor College of Medicine has given him extensive experience. His area of interest is the spine and peripheral nerve treatment.

Dr. Jack Moriarity comes to us via Stanford University Medical School, with a seven year stop at Johns Hopkins for his neurosurgery training. His area of focus is primarily the treatment of herniated discs and in the neck and low back. The majority of his cases are done through minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. John D. Davis, IV is a Mississippi native whose training took him to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for both medical school and residency. There he developed a deep appreciation for the often immediate and dramatic relief that patients enjoy with proper treatment for spine problems, both non-surgical and surgical. He returned home to Mississippi, where he specializes in the evaluation and treatment of spinal disorders, with a focus on the cervical spine, but also including the lumbar and thoracic spine.

Dr. Lynn Stringer is a native Mississippian and trained at Wake Forest University in Neurosurgery. Dr. Stringer finds his chosen profession both satisfying and enjoyable. He considers his area of interest to be general neurosurgery, treating both brain and spine.

Dr. Matthew VanLandingham is the newest addition to our staff of neurosurgeons and continues to grow our reputation of excellence. His training began in Mississippi, and he completed his education at the University of Tennessee and Southmead Hospital in Bristol, England. He maintains a general neurosurgical practice at NS2 with special interest in cancer of the brain and spine, and the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia (a facial nerve condition). He is certified in the Cyberknife stereotactic radiosurgery system.

See what we mean by world class surgeons? If you need a neurosurgeon, you don't have to travel to a large city to find help. You can find that help in Flowood, Mississippi, at NewSouth NeuroSpine. We are Mississippi's Spine Center. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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