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Got Neck Pain? We Can Help!

Neck Pain
Physical Therapy

Neurosurgeon Dr. John Davis breaks down the anatomy of Neck Pain, what that means and the correct process to alleviate what pains you.

It's important when approaching neck pain to understand the anatomy of your neck muscles and spine. Most people as they age, as early as 30, will experience some kind of neck pain. Knowing the red flags is crucial in getting the help you need before it can become permanent damage. Is it natural or unnatural pain? Could it be more serious like a pinched nerve and require more than just physical therapy? David covers three clear signs you should probably make an appointment because your condition may be more than just waking up with a creak in your neck.

Highlights of our conversation with Dr. John Davis:

  • Different types of neck pain
  • What can physical therapy do for neck pain versus pain that needs surgery?
  • Understanding what spine Spondylosis is - Disc degeneration or set joint neuropathy.
  • Explains the difference in treatments for more serious conditions.
  • Understanding when your neck pain may require more than just physical therapy.
  • Understanding the long-term damage and the best way to avoid it.
  • The importance of at-home aftercare whether it's just physical therapy or surgery.
  • The expertise of physical medical therapists at NS2
  • How to schedule and receive physical therapy at NS2
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