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Getting My Life Back – Jane Critz

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Spinal Intervention

Testimonial by Jane Critz

At 33 years old, I found out that I had a ruptured disc on my spine between my C6-C7. My first thought was fear. How am I going to raise my 20-month-old little girl? How am I going to continue the normal daily activities of life being a working mom and wife that seem like daily routine to most women at my age.

The pain with this condition got so bad that I knew something had to be done immediately. I needed relief. Well that is when NewSouth NeuroSpine became my answer. Within 24 hours of my frightening news, I had positive answers! I met with Dr. Jack Moriarity and together we talked about exploring different options to help me with my pain and condition. We discussed my MRI results. He was so positive. He told me the disc was herniated, but my spine looked great! I had a healthy spine and that was good news. He replaced a negative thought with a positive thought. An hour after meeting with Dr. Moriarity, I was fit for a comfortable traction collar in the physical therapy department, met with the physician in spinal intervention, and the pharmacy department had my medication ready. The collaboration of health care providers in one place made this process so much easier for me. My exact words to my husband when leaving NS2 was “I work in health care and someone really brilliant thought out the layout to this wonderful place!” I was thankful I didn’t have to drive all over Jackson, Mississippi to get what I needed. It was all in one place at NS2! Everyone was so helpful and caring!

Fast forward.... I needed surgery. The damage had been done. The gel from my disc was sitting on a nerve and causing severe pain and numbness in my left arm and fingers. Dr. Moriarity’s secretary stayed after hours to schedule my surgery.

The surgery center at NewSouth NeuroSpine was the best surgery center I have ever walked in. The staff in the surgery center took excellent care of me pre- and post op. Right before surgery Dr. Moriarity told me he would take care of me as if I was his own family. This helped put my mind at ease as I was about to face spinal surgery.

After a 45-minute outpatient anterior cervical discectomy and fusion the severe pain was gone. I went home three hours later. My sweet nurse called the following morning to check on me. It was a 5-star experience.

I could pick up my baby girl 2 weeks post op. I am able to continue to do daily activities with ease. With great praise and thankfulness, the healthcare professionals at NewSouth NeuroSpine gave me my life back. I will be forever grateful!

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