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Does Where I Have Surgery Matter?

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Head of surgery Dr. Eric Amundson helps navigate the differences patients may experience during their procedure at an ambulatory surgery center versus a hospital.

The first difference between the two, which most people focus on, is simply cost-effectiveness. However, there are so many other benefits as well. One of these benefits is the specialization and efficiency of both the surgeons and staff. Unlike hospitals, the team and its surgeons can be pulled in many directions, covering various procedures. The repetition of the performed surgeries allows the ASC staff, despite job title, to possess a knowledgeable pathology, which creates a secure and comfortable environment for the patient. Amundson also explores the limits of an ASC and knowing when a hospital is the better choice because not every surgery can be performed within the ASC environment. The patient’s healthcare is the most important thing to any Doctor. “Treat you patient like your family” is the motto Dr. Amundson believes in and threads throughout this interview as he explains what it is like working with an ASC.

Highlights of our conversation with Dr. Eric Amundson:

  • What is an ASC? Ambulatory Surgery Center explained.
  • ASC’s try and limit your stay to no longer than 24 hours, though they do have the capacity for an overnight stay.
  • ASC’s have branched out from more than carpal tunnel releases to a wider variety of procedures.
  • Amundson explains the benefits of a well-educated and undistracted staff assisting the surgeons.
  • Amundson also explores the limits of an ASC and knowing when a hospital is the better choice.
  • Amundson explains the relationship that ASC’s have with the local hospitals.
  • Amundson reassures patients of the safety and care that is received at an ASC.
  • Amundson shares the different types of technologies and tools used by the surgeons in these centers.
  • How to schedule an appointment at NS2
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