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Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Right For You?

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You probably have seen the commercials that offer minimally invasive spine surgery at a large, out of town clinic. But did you know that same option is available here at Mississippi’s Spine Center - NewSouth NeuroSpine?

Our surgeons, trained at some of the best teaching hospitals in the country, are dedicated to the specialized care of our patients. We treat you as an individual and take your pain seriously. If it is determined that surgery is your best option, you may be eligible for minimally invasive spine surgery.

The goal of any surgeon is to address the patient’s problem while minimizing disruption of the surrounding, healthy tissue. Spinal surgery is certainly no exception. The advent of new technologies coupled with improvements in surgical technique allow our surgeons at NewSouth NeuroSpine to fix the problem while minimizing recovery time.

Depending on the particular spinal injury or condition being addressed, a tube no larger in diameter than a penny can be used to access the spine. By minimizing the size of the incision and extent of exposure, the patient’s risk of infection and blood loss can be lowered significantly. In the past, some procedures required huge abdominal incisions or painstakingly stripping muscle off the spine. Today, the same results can be achieved by using these minimally invasive techniques resulting in significantly less postoperative pain. Some patients can leave the hospital within 24 hours.

Some advantages to minimally invasive spine surgery:

  • Smaller incision

  • Less blood loss

  • Lower risk of infection

  • Decreased injury to muscle

  • More cost efficient

If you have back or neck pain, make an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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