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Let’s Celebrate Physical Therapy

Physical Thearpy Month
Physical Therapy

In case you were unaware, October is National Physical Therapy Month. This is a great opportunity to recognize the important role played by physical therapists across the country. Here at NS2, we are proud of the work done in our in-house PT department.

What Is The Role Of A Physical Therapist

Professional physical therapists are highly trained and educated individuals whose driving motivation is to get their patients moving, reduce pain, prevent further decline, and restore function. Sharing those goals with the physicians of NewSouth NeuroSpine makes for an excellent partnership to the benefit of our patients.

Making the decision to have an in-house PT department was an easy one with multiple advantages for our patients. Patient convenience is always an important consideration and we want to provide as many services under one roof as possible. When patients are in pain, multiple stops can be more than inconvenient. That is why NS2 offers imaging, pharmacy, pain psychology services, and of course, physical therapy.

There is an additional advantage to having an in-house PT department—the ability to confer directly with physicians and together devise the best long term care plan based on each individual case. You can read a great case study to see how the Physical Therapist and Physician partnership works to to conservatively treat a patient.

So, happy National Physical Therapy Month, Hayley Lohrisch, Mary Robinson, Candace Smith, Peter Schott, Erik Pinter, and Li Gang. We are so happy to have you on our team!

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