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Can Physical Therapy Help With Lower Back Pain?

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Physical Therapy Director Peter Schott explains the potential benefits of physical therapy for patients suffering from lower back pain.

Is back surgery the only answer to your lower back pain? When experiencing the pain and lack of functionality a lower back injury or condition brings, patients often think a surgical procedure is not only a foregone conclusion, but the only option. However, at NS2, we are committed to a conservative and comprehensive approach to spinal care, ultimately doing what is best for both the short and long-term care of the patient. Fortunately for our patients, this often comes in the form of treatments that don’t involve surgery or other invasive procedures.

An extremely effective treatment option for many patients with lower back pain (amongst other spinal conditions) comes in the form of physical therapy, as explained in this video with Dr. Peter Schott - the Director of the Physical Therapy Center at NewSouth NeuroSpine. With physical therapy at NS2, patients are supported by state of the art, specialized treatment options administered by an experienced and expert staff that will be alongside them every step of the way.

Highlights of our Conversation with Dr. Schott:

  • Treatment options besides surgery
  • The effectiveness of physical therapy
  • Combination treatments including manual therapy and exercise
  • Decompression techniques for the back
  • Listhesis and spinal instability
  • The advantages of physical therapy at NS2
  • Benefits of stretching along with specific examples
  • How to schedule and receive physical therapy at NS2
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