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Bicep Tendonitis

Bicep pain
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Biceps tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon holding the upper arm muscle to the elbow. There are also tendons that connect the same muscle to the shoulder. Inflammation is possible at both ends of the biceps. There are other causes of biceps tendonitis. Whatever the cause, biceps tendonitis is painful.

An occasional twinge in the joint can be cared for with ice and over the counter anti-inflammatories. When should you call a doctor? When pain travels from the front of the shoulder down the arm, or from the elbow to the wrist, and you are not be able move your shoulder in a full circle, then you should contact a specialist. A physician at NS2 can help. Healing from severe cases of tendonitis often involves a coordinated effort between a physician and a physical therapist. That is one of the great benefits of seeking treatment at NS2.

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