"I was in a pretty bad state before coming to NewSouth NeuroSpine, but Dr. Moriarity did a great job. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I haven’t had any back pain since surgery!" 

Glen C.

"I want to thank each and every one of you guys at NewSouth NeuroSpine! The PROFESSIONALISM, the CARING TEAM, you guys have it all. What I appreciated most of all is the way you absolutely break everything down and take the personal time out of your day to explain things to us! I just had surgery, and Dr. Moriarity is absolutely the best! He kept his word to me and was right there by my side the whole time. He did an amazing job, and I couldn't thank him enough! I am forever grateful. I would recommend you to anyone! Thanks again and I love you guys thanks for making my family and I at home in this rough time. Thank you Dr. Moriarity!"

Trey G.

"Jared and I have been together for nearly 13 years, and as long as I've known him he has had low back pain. We have seen several doctors and tried lots of things. In the past year the pain had intensified to such an extent that it was starting to keep him from doing the things he enjoys. We decided it was time for surgery. We went to NewSouth NeuroSpine in Flowood, MS, at the recommendation of a former classmate, friend, and fellow Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Dayvolt Cocilova. Jared had a L4-L5 fusion on March 28 at Baptist Hospital. Dr. VanLandingham performed the operation. A little over a week later he was able to walk over a mile with zero of the pain he had previously. Two weeks to the day after surgery, he returned back to work full time. He still has restrictions (no bending, lifting, or twisting) but is doing amazingly well! It will take a year for complete healing, but we are more than confident that we made the right decision having surgery. And, we are confident that we chose the right surgeon. Dr. VanLandingham and his nurse practitioner, Andrew Morris, have been a Godsend. If you have back pain, are a surgical candidate, and are seriously considering surgery, I highly recommend them. It has been life-changing for both of us for sure."

Mallory M.

"Dear NewSouth NeuroSpine, I wanted to drop a note to express my deepest gratitude for Dr. Moriarity and his staff for performing surgery on me yesterday. There were so many miracles that occurred to make this possible in such a short period of time! I am amazed at the very personal relationship you all express to your patients. Dr. Moriarity stated to me that, "I want to do for you what I would want for myself," and it continues to repeat in my mind. What a wonderful human being! I could go on and on. Surgery was yesterday and now I can already sit without pain. If you ever need someone to vouch for NewSouth NeuroSpine, send them my way."

Andy W.

Success Stories

Brent Gray

Brent Gray had been experiencing severe pain running down his leg for months. He went to a local hospital and, after getting an MRI done and seeing nothing, the doctors sent him to physical therapy to see if that would help the pain. After two months of therapy and no results, Brent had had enough. He had heard of NewSouth NeuroSpine, and decided to see if that would be a better option. In his first appointment at NewSouth NeuroSpine, a Friday, Brent met with Dr. Wood to see what was going on with his leg. Five minutes into the visit, Dr. Wood knew what it was—a herniated disc. After the consultation with Dr. Wood, he had his surgery on the following Tuesday. When he woke up, he was pain free and able to go back to work just a week later. If Brent has one regret, it’s that he didn’t come to NewSouth NeuroSpine earlier. Brent recommends to his friends with back issues to go to NewSouth NeuroSpine. The sooner the better!

Hailey Brohaugh

Hailey Brohaugh is a 20-year-old soccer player at Auburn University. As an athlete at AU, every day consists of running, drills, and trying to be the best she can be. She started having problems with her leg in late high school. Shooting pain and the inability to flex her calf muscle made daily activities such as walking and running nearly impossible to do. After talking to a family friend, Hailey decided to turn to NewSouth NeuroSpine to see if they could figure out the problem. At her first appointment, her doctor, Dr. Moriarity stayed after all the other employees had left and explained everything about the process. Because she was so young, he and the other doctors made sure to look at every possible non surgical treatment before making a decision to go into surgery. They made her feel comfortable and at home—exactly as a surgery patient should feel! After the surgery, Hailey’s life got so much better. She was able to do everyday activities once again, and she no longer woke up with shooting pains. She has her full range of motion back, she can train at a highly competitive level, and runs miles without any problems. It’s safe to say Hailey’s life was changed for the better.